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2011-05-29 14:57:41 by Capn-Cheddar

I got a twitter.

I'm sorry.

So sorry..!/CodyRousey


2008-12-19 07:50:59 by Capn-Cheddar

The lines are recorded and I will begin animating sometime next week. First I got to get my hands on Flash @.@ I would like to have it finished before winter break ends, but chances are it won't be. Oh, as a side note my art style has changed quite a bit. So no more stick figures I'm afraid!

Six months after the Mayoral Election fiasco Waffle Man continues saving the denizens of Bagelopolis. A certain News anchor feels forgotten and harnesses a deep hatred for the hero. He receives a package from a mysterious company. The contents of this package will put him on the path to becoming one of Waffle Man's most dangerous foes.

I have finished the storyboard and we hope to begin recording the lines soon.

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